Each student must provide his or her own gi (uniform) and zori (sandals or other footwear).

The student should not be barefoot EXCEPT on the mat. No footwear of any kind should be worn on the mat. As well, ALL jewellery should be removed before practising.

A trial class can be taken in any loose clothing without buckles that covers the knees and elbows, such as a sweatsuit.

If you wish to participate in the weapons class, you must provide your own bokken (wooden sword), jo (short staff) and tanto (wooden knife). The dojo usually has these items for sale, or can arrange to procure them for you. These notes originally appeared on Aikido Hokuryukai’s website and appear here with their kind permission — Aikido Hokuryukai, all rights reserved, 2000.

Uniforms are available for purchase from the dojo, please ask Sensei for current pricing and availability of sizes.