Aikido Tendokai offers competitive membership fees for adults, students and kids martial arts classes in the downtown Toronto area.

One free trial martial arts class

Class Fees*

Details Adults Students (valid ID required)
Into 3 months (includes CAF annual fee)** $220  $160 $120
1 month $80  $60 NA
3 month $230  $150 $100
6 month $430  $280 $180
12 month $820 $520

Additional Fees

Visitors: $20.00 per day (mat fee).

Annual Canadian Aikido Federation (CAF) annual fee:
adults: $50.00, kids and youth under 18 years: $30.00.

Testing fees: adult kyu test: $25.00, dan test varies.

*Once class payments have been made, no refunds will be available.
**All new members are required to register for the intro 3 month intro package

Effective Feb. 1, 2024

kids martial arts downtown toronto

Kids Martial Arts Classes

Young children benefit greatly from practicing Aikido. Try our kids martial arts after school program.

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adult beginners martial arts downtown toronto

Adults Beginners Martial Arts Classes

Try our adults 3 months beginners martial arts program.

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adult martial arts classes downtown toronto

Adult Aikido Classes

Aikido Tendokai welcomes experienced Aikidoka to join or visit us at any time.

Classes Schedule 

aikido weapons martial arts classes downtown toronto

Aikido Weapons Classes

Enhance your Aikido understanding with weapons classes.

Martial Arts Weapons