Aikido Tendokai welcomes new beginners to try our adult martial arts program for fun and fitness through a free trial class.

Classes run twice a week: Monday and Wednesday.

3-month adult martial arts introduction $160**.

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The Japanese martial art of Aikido, can be understood as ‘the way of unifying life energy’ or ‘the way of harmonious spirit’, and as a martial art can be practiced safely by those of any age, fitness level, ethnicity, gender or size. Our community is broadly mixed and all are welcome.
Foundational to Aikido and to the dojo, is respect for the space, the teachers, the students, the equipment and oneself. From bowing, to Japanese invitations to practice, the traditions of AIkido guide and structure all practice.

The Adult Beginner’s program begins with a trial class [bring your leisure-wear..] focusing on basic steps and movements fundamental to the practice.You will be guided by a Black-belt instructor individually or in pairs to experience the flow of movement with light falls and back rolls and learn the opening exercises that provide the warm-up for the movements to come.

aikido martial arts downtown toronto
aikido martial arts downtown toronto

Once you’ve purchased a gi, you will be taught step-by-step through repetition, the strikes, holds, punches, rolls and falls that make up the attack/defence of Aikido- a martial art that can counter attacks by using the attacker’s momentum as a defence.

Aikido itself improves fitness, strength, flexibility, focus, breath training, balance and confidence, bringing one an embodied sense of one’s own movement. The techniques as pair interactions invite one to understand their own movement’s effects on a partner’s movements; to be able to both initiate with intention and respond with speed and flexibility. Understanding and practicing Aikido is an ongoing challenge of body work and concentration and hugely enjoyable in its physical demands and its opportunities to interact with others in the community.

The dojo under Yumi Nakamura Sensei is flexible, yet a long-standing supportive and committed community that shares in or hosts seminars, parties… and lunches at the local diner.

Martial Arts Dojo Etiquette

The traditional etiquette of Japanese martial arts will be observed in our dojo at all times.


Bowing is an important part of Budo etiquette. Please note that this bowing has no religious significance. Students should perform a standing bow when they walk in the dojo door. They should perform a seated bow when first stepping on the mat.

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Martial Arts Equipment

Each student must provide his or her own gi (uniform) and zori (sandals or other footwear).

The student should not be barefoot EXCEPT on the mat. No footwear of any kind should be worn on the mat. As well, ALL jewellery should be removed before practising.

A trial class can be taken in any loose clothing without buckles that covers the knees and elbows, such as a sweatsuit.

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Adult Martial Arts Classes