Related Dojos

Aikido Hokuryukai: This is Jim Barnes Sensei’s club in Northern Toronto. Students of Aikido Tendokai are entitled to train there from time to time at no charge. Thank you to Jim Barnes Sensei of Aikido Hokuryukai for the following list of links and for the insightful commentary on the listed sites.

Quinte Aikikai: This is Nick Petrescu Sensei’s dojo in Belleville. Nick is a long-time member and supporter of Aikido Hokuryukai.


Canadian Aikido Federation: This organization is responsible for supporting and advancing Aikido across Canada. It has a particular responsibility for managing the testing, promotions, and ranking under the supervision of its Technical Director, Yukio Kawahara Shihan, 8th Dan, of British Columbia. It is, in turn, affiliated with Hombu Dojo in Japan.

Ontario Aikido Federation: The OAF is the sole representative of Ontario for The Canadian Aikido Federation.

Hombu Dojo: Hombu Dojo is the ultimate technical authority in Aikido. It is the home base for the current Doshu of Aikido, Moriteru Ueshiba Shihan, the grandson of Aikido’s founder, Morihei Uyeshiba Shihan. Several other Aikido Shihan of the highest rank teach there as well.

United States Aikido Federation: While we are not members of the USAF, our relationship with its Shihan, especially Yamada Shihan and late Kanai Shihan, goes back many years, and their guidance has been invaluable to us. We encourage our students to support USAF events whenever possible.

Other Sites of Interest

There are many other sites of interest to Aikidoka. It’s easy to find your own with a search engine. Some of the ones we visit from time to time are:

Aikido Journal Online: AJ has made a determined effort, under the guidance of editor Stanley Pranin, to provide objective and informative articles about the history, spirituality and practice of Aikido and its related arts and disciplines. It currently exists only online. Subscribers have access to the full text of articles, but the freely accessible content is quite valuable too. The site also sells a variety of merchandise, such as tapes and books.

Aiki Web: This site contains quite a bit of useful reference material, as well as one of the more comprehensive dojo search engines.

Aikido Today Magazine: ATM is primarily print-oriented, but on the website you can subscribe, read some articles and see some news and upcoming events. Merchandise is also available.

Aikido FAQ: Another compendium of Aikido-related information.