Aikido Tendokai weapons program include qualified instruction of safe weapons classes. The study of weapons use is to enhance our students empty hand techniques as well as to encourage a more well rounded and experienced martial artist. Weapons training in Aikido is important in that it helps us learn principles of timing, combative distance, sensitivity and awareness.

Aikido students are taught how to use a bokken (wooden sword) right from the first level. Most Aikido techniques are based on sword usage due to the original instructors’ need to find a method to draw from a strength of movement which was already present in the student. Aikido students are then taught to use the jo staff as well as the tanto (wooden knife) in their subsequent training levels.

Weapons may be purchased from our dojo.

Martial Arts Dojo Etiquette

The traditional etiquette of Japanese martial arts will be observed in our dojo at all times.


Bowing is an important part of Budo etiquette. Please note that this bowing has no religious significance.

Students should perform a standing bow when they walk in the dojo door.

They should perform a seated bow when first stepping on the mat.

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Martial Arts Equipment

Each student must provide his or her own gi (uniform) and zori (sandals or other footwear).

The student should not be barefoot EXCEPT on the mat. No footwear of any kind should be worn on the mat. As well, ALL jewellery should be removed before practising.

A trial class can be taken in any loose clothing without buckles that covers the knees and elbows, such as a sweatsuit.

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Martial Arts Weapons Classes