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We are welcoming current Aikido Tendokai members, new beginners and kids to a phased-in dojo re-opening., starting with limited, non-contact classes.

Please check the Stage 3 schedule for current class times.

We believe we can practice safely and enjoyably, while still following Covid Stage 3 guidelines for indoor practice.

What to Know About Aikido Tendokai in Stage 3

As mandated by the Ontario Government, Covid precautions will be followed for the safety and comfort of all members. Please familiarize yourself with Tendokai’s Step 3 Covid safety procedures.

The dojo safety plan will also be available onsite, with a maximum capacity of 12 posted on the door.

Important!: A signed Covid waiver is required for all students prior to any practice.. The Covid waiver can be downloaded from this page and signed (preferred) or completed at the dojo.

You will be required to sign a Covid Self-Assessment Questionnaire at the dojo each time you visit.

Kids are the only exception to the vaccination requirement [at least one; proof required].

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All students must pre-register online for classes prior to visiting the dojo. You will be emailed a URL to pre-book classes.

The dojo and all members must be current Canadian Aikido Federation members. New members are registered when joining.

Only those with at least one vaccination can practice [no exceptions!], with a strong preference for those fully vaccinated to best protect all dojo members.

A 2-metre physical distance will be maintained [mat distances marked for Stage 3 non-contact practice] on and off the mat, with a maximum of 10 students per class plus an instructor and greeter.

Personal items will not be shared and facemasks need to be worn, although optional during practice.

Change rooms will be limited to 2 members at a time. If possible, arrive in your gi.

Mats, equipment and surfaces will be sanitized post-practice. Hand sanitizing on entry.

No visitors at this time, although potential new members may observe.

In the case of a COVID positive test of a member, observer or contact, the local Health Dept, members and contacts will be informed for quarantining, and the dojo closed until further direction.

Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to keeping Tendokai healthy!

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Kids martial arts dojo Toronto
Kids martial arts dojo Toronto

Adult Beginners Martial Art Program

During Stage 3, Aikido Tendokai will welcome beginners with classes introducing students to the fundamental, non-contact aspects of practice. These include falling, rolling and movement. Although a close-contact martial art, foundations can be safely practiced individually. Classes will be limited in size (12). The Covid Waiver and Membership Application can be downloaded from this page and will need to be signed before starting classes, as will Covid self-assesments before individual classes.. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with and follow all safety procedures. Please contact the dojo for more information.

Due to scheduled mat-sanitizing, beginner’s classes will be slightly shorter during Stage 3. The current class schedule will be Mondays 7:40-8:30 and Wednesdays 6:45-7:30.. If you have a gi, please consider wearing it to the dojo as changeroom numbers will be restricted to two. Remember that masks need to be worn when not on the mat. .

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Adult Aikido Martial Arts Classes

Tendokai will be starting non-contact classes [ukemi/tai sabaki] in the dojo for adults (12 years and older), with all Covid precautions in place. Classes will be limited in size (12) and all students will need to pre-book classes before attending. A link to online booking will be emailed to you. The Covid Waiver, which can be downloaded from this page, will need to be signed before visiting the dojo, as will Covid self-assessments before each class.. Be prepared to follow all Stage 3 safety procedures. Please contact the dojo for more information.

The current schedule for indoor Mon/Wed classes is now available.

Weather permitting, Saturday weapons classes outdoors will continue, as will Wednesday evening weapons for the time being..

Kids after school program Toronto
Kids martial arts dojo Toronto

Kids Martial Arts Classes

Currently, during Stage 3, there will be one class a week for kids. Classes will be non-contact but vigorous. Kids will need to wear masks when off the mat. There will also be Covid self-assesments to sign prior to individual classes. We trust any child exhibiting any symptom of illness will not attend. At this time, the kids; class will be on Wednesday 5:45-6:30. If possible, please bring kids already in their gis, as change rooms will be restricted to 2 students at a time., We look forward to training with the kids again. Feel free to contact us at any time for further information.